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November 18, 2003



Ja den Padde sieht man ja auch überall :-) Alter Schnorri


Dear,you will be surprised to receive this mail from me you will be thinking you hardly know me but want to tell you that im a bank imployee and i know a person who died in a air crash few years ago i know him personaly he left no one behind him and also left 10.5 million u s $[ten million five hundred thousand u s dollars],i and our director of a bank has desided to realise this fund in the name of someone who is confidential and living out side of Lome Togo,as this fund can be released only out side of Lome Togo as we have done all our home work for this transaction and it will take only 14 working day to complete this transaction,believe this bussiness is 100%risk free,if you agree you will be givin 25% of the total amount 25%for me and 50%for director,deducting the few expences which we would have in processing the formalities on your behalf will be equaly divided.let me know your response soon or i will look for another person. reply to [email protected]

Benjamin Bohm

Na da hat ja jemand einen richtig INTERESSANTEN Post reingestellt, oder? Wer überweist mit? :-)

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